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A View from the Castle:The Colchester Journals of E J Rudsdale 1920-1951
Fascinating talk and the Constable sketch of East Hill. Where are the other 12 Constable sketches ?
Camp 186 - The Lost Town at Berechurch
Never realised that the Glasshouse had been a major German p.o.w. camp.
Colchester Postcards : Images of a Bygone Era from Old Picture Picture Postcards
found this lecture very interesting, would enjoy looking at the origional postcards
The Wind and Water Mills of Colchester
just returned from this lecture, did not realise how important Colchester was to the milling industry
The Rise and Fall of the Colchester Rag Trade
Colchester has taken a totally new perspective as a major industrial town re the cloth trade
Hi there Very interested to find out more about becoming a friend of Colchester Museums and finding out more - it looks extremely interesting many thanks Paul and Jessica Hood
THE MUSIC SCENE IN COLCHESTER OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS - The Friends' AGM will be held at 7.0 pm before this lecture. All members are welcome to attend.
Let us hope that this year the microphone works and we can all hear the a.g.m.
I am a Friend. If I wish to attend a lecture, should I just turn up or do I need to book a place?
Interesitng and funny if you could hear it. Pictures of the areas would have helped
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