Next Lecture : Today 22 May 2018 Lion Walk Church 7.30pm
Digging in Colchester best of the best over the last decade

Phillip Crummy
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Spring 0
  Tuesday 10/04/2018Lion Walk Church7.30pmMichael Poole And Dawn King
  History of the founding of The Headgate Theatre

  Thursday 19/04/2018Lion Walk Church Up The Stairs Turn Left2.00pmPhilip Lyons
  The Wild West goes East

  Tuesday 24/04/2018Lion Walk Church7.30pmTom Hodgson
  Moving to Heckworth Close. The practicalities of moving the museum service from A to B

  Tuesday 08/05/2018Lion Walk Church7.30pmChris Farndel
  Essex Crime Scenes (how crime investigation has changed over the years)

  Thursday 10/05/2018Lion Walk Church Up The Stairs Turn Left2.00pmPaul Gallifant
  50 Years of Motoring in Colchester

  Tuesday 22/05/2018Lion Walk Church7.30pmPhillip Crummy
  Digging in Colchester best of the best over the last decade

  Tuesday 05/06/2018Lion Walk Church7.30pmPeter Walker
  County Maps of Essex 1576 - 1805

  Thursday 07/06/2018Lion Walk Church Up The Stairs Turn Left2.00pmPeter Jones
  Jumbo (How Colchester got its water tower)

  Tuesday 19/06/2018Lion Walk Church7.00pmAndrew Phillips
  AGM followed by Colchester and the 1918 Armistice , how Colchester coped with the end of World War 1

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