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Tuesday 03/09/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmPatrick Denney
A Portrait of Victorian Colchester

Thursday 12/09/2019Lion Walk Church2.30pmPeter Jones
Colchester Trams

Tuesday 17/09/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmDavid Newman
Maldon Salt Works

Tuesday 01/10/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmDr Fab Casale
The History of The Avenue and Lexden

Tuesday 15/10/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmIan And Ros Mercer
The Thames Through Time

Thursday 17/10/2019Lion Walk Church2.30pmBrian Light
Jumbo - Then and Now

Tuesday 29/10/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmMark Davies
The True History of Tymperleys

Tuesday 12/11/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmPenny Youll And Jane Robinson
Oysters and Oilskins

Thursday 14/11/2019Lion Walk Church2.30pmRay Cantrell
Colchester's Rivers

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