Next Lecture : Tuesday 3 September 2019 Lion Walk Church 7.30pm
A Portrait of Victorian Colchester

Patrick Denney
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Spring 0
  Tuesday 09/04/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmAndrew Phillips
  Paxmans 1918-2018

  Tuesday 23/04/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmPhilip Crummy
  Pictures of Peter Froste

  Thursday 25/04/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmRichard Scott And Simon Whitney
  Bourne Mill

  Tuesday 07/05/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmGlynn Davis
  The Adorn Exhibition

  Thursday 16/05/2019Lion Walk Church2.30pmFrancesca Boardman
  Pluto's Belch

  Tuesday 21/05/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmDr Paul Rusiecki
  Colchester and theGreat Flu Pandemic of 1918-19

  Tuesday 04/06/2019Lion Walk Church7.30pmJenny Jones
  History of Castle Park

  Thursday 13/06/2019Lion Walk Church2.30pmLiz White
  The Avenue of Remembrance

  Tuesday 18/06/2019Lion Walk Church7.00pmPeter Jones
  AGM followed by; Wind and Water

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