Next Lecture : Tuesday 7 April 2020 Lion Walk Church 7.30pm
Roman Public Baths and Town Houses

Adam Wightman
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  Tuesday 07/04/2020Lion Walk Church7.30pmAdam Wightman
  Roman Public Baths and Town Houses

  Thursday 16/04/2020Lion Walk Church2.30pmPhilip Lyons
  Colchester Cannibals

  Tuesday 21/04/2020Lion Walk Church7.30pmAndrew Phillips
  The Rise and Rise of New Town

  Tuesday 05/05/2020Lion Walk Church7.30pmRichard Turner
  The History of Boxted Airfield

  Thursday 14/05/2020Lion Walk Church2.30pmEmma Boyd
  Reviving an Artist's Birthplace

  Tuesday 19/05/2020Lion Walk Church7.30pmPaul Rusiecki
  Towards the Abyss

  Tuesday 02/06/2020Lion Walk Church7.30pmRoger Kennell
  Clacton Theatres and Memories

  Tuesday 16/06/2020Lion Walk Church7.00pmIan And Ros Mercer
  A.G.M. followed by The Thames Through Time

  Thursday 18/06/2020Lion Walk Church2.30pmPeter Jones
  From Salt to Satellites

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